Jeanette Towles

Key Takeaways for the Medical Writer from FDA’s Public Meeting: Supporting the Future of Rare Disease Product Development

By Jeanette Towles / February 24, 2020 /

FDA’s public meeting on February 24th left no uncertainty as to the future direction of drug development in rare diseases: 1) patient-centric approaches that incorporate patient and caregiver input at all levels to ensure that clinical trial endpoints are robust and meaningful; and 2) utilization of patient data (registries, cases, natural history, and real world…

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Defining ‘Medical Writer’ in a Job Description When the Role Defies Definition

By Jeanette Towles / February 10, 2020 /

Have you ever noticed in looking at job descriptions for medical writers that, regardless of the size of the hiring company, you end up with an array of interpretations of the role? Here are some examples: • MW may/may not write briefing books, write or review the label, or assist in regulatory responses • MW…

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Synterex’s IT Division is NOW LIVE!

By Jeanette Towles / January 9, 2020 /

Synterex is pleased to announce the official opening of its IT services division! The division is championed by collaboration architects with over 10 years’ experience delivering dynamic experiences to various companies. Often times, our pharma and other clients require systems and technologies to support their bold goals. We can help navigate the architecture, implementation, and…

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