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Discover the Future of Clinical Documentation

Documents are crucial to the advancement of new treatments. Producing and managing these documents can be challenging and time-consuming, often leading to inefficiencies in communicating important public health information to patients and even trial delays.

AgileWriter is the solution.





Save Money and Time and Avoid Delays

AgileWriter can input a variety of source formats, extracting essential information and integrating rich biochemistry knowledge to craft documents in natural language. It can trim up to 50% of time from the standard manual process, recapturing lost time and expense.


Prioritize Accessibility

AgileWriter ensures that patient-facing documents meet readability requirements so the trial participants can understand the research and make informed decisions. Our tool also adheres to the W3C® Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) guidelines, maximizing the intersection between technology and accessibility.


Produce High-Quality, Compliant Documents

Initial client templates are mapped using a data enrichment technique to precisely align the destination document with the source document, ensuring that it will be adequately populated either from the source or from domain knowledge.


Continuous Improvement

AgileWriter evolves with each use, incorporating feedback to self-optimize and allowing medical communicators to focus on what is important: getting therapies to patients sooner.

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