National Entrepreneurship Day: Celebrating Opportunity, Diversity, and Legacy

National Entrepreneurship Day is a celebration of innovation, determination, and the pursuit of the American dream. It’s a day to honor the entrepreneurs who have dared to dream big, take risks, and build businesses that not only benefit themselves but also contribute to the growth of our economy. Having resources available, especially for small diverse businesses facing unique challenges, can pave the way for success. My journey with entrepreneurship is rooted in the aspirations of a hardworking family from Ireland and the dedication of first-generation Americans who paved the way for future generations.


The Importance of Entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneurship is more than just starting a business; it’s about creating opportunities, driving economic growth, and fostering innovation. Small businesses, in particular, play a vital role in job creation and community development. As a small diverse business owner, I have the power to not only shape my own destiny but also make a positive impact on my community.


Overcoming Challenges:

Entrepreneurship can be challenging, and for individuals with disabilities, these challenges can be even more daunting. However, with the right resources and support, I have been able to overcome these obstacles. I sought out organizations, programs, and mentors that specialize in assisting diverse entrepreneurs. From accessibility solutions to financial assistance and business development training, these resources provided me with the tools I needed to thrive.


A Legacy of Opportunity:

My journey as an entrepreneur is rooted in the aspirations of my grandfather, who left his homeland in Sligo in search of opportunities for his family and to escape a life of limited opportunity. He worked as a ship welder, building sweat equity to provide a better future. This path was not an easy one.


Two generations later, the legacy of hard work continues. My parents, driven by a strong work ethic, played vital roles in their respective fields, one in public transportation and the other in healthcare. Their dedication and commitment, and their ability to persevere through extreme challenges, instilled in me the values of tenacity and ambition.


Owning Your Own Business:

Today, as a small diverse business owner, I have the privilege of owning my own business, a testament to the dreams and hard work of my ancestors. My journey reflects the resilience and determination that have been passed down through the generations, culminating in the realization of my entrepreneurial vision. When I see my daughter get excited about the prospect of starting her own business at the age of ten, I know that all of our hard work has been worth it to show her the sky is the limit.



National Entrepreneurship Day is a time to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and its transformative power. For small diverse business owners like me facing unique challenges, it’s an opportunity to recognize the importance of accessible resources and support. So, on this special day, let’s celebrate the entrepreneurs who dared to dream and the generations that paved the way for our success. Happy National Entrepreneurship Day!

Jeanette Towles