Clinical Trial Success Stories

Success stories don't just come from our team's skills - but also from our dedication, experience, and effort. Here are a few notable things we have done for our clients. Check out the Services section of this website to see everything we can do for you.

COVID-19 therapy

success stories covid-19

Took a typical 6- to 12-week protocol/ICF writing process and interwove our IT collaboration and clinical science capabilities to reduce the process to 3 weeks, including endpoint design, writing, and review

IND filing

success stories ind filing

Provided in-house-style, full-service support, including medical writing and publishing, to file an IND for a NME within 8 weeks of the pre-IND meeting

NDA and sNDA

success stories nda snda

Enabled rapid submission of back-to-back pre-NDA and pre-sNDA in record speed for medium-sized pharma company, including on-site support during authoring

IT Success Stories

Your team needs the right tools to achieve their own success stories. We can help! See our Information Technology Services page for more information. Synterex can handle your upcoming needs for employee training, software solutions, or organizational changes such as moving to a fully remote workplace.

User PC Onboarding Optimization

success stories pc onboarding

Took a billion-dollar retailer from a 1-week PC deployment to a 90-minute deployment for new and replacement computers.

Virtual Desktops in the Cloud Empower Work From Home

success stories virtual desktop

Delivered a Virtual Desktop environment hosted in the cloud to empower remote working and power productivity during rapid response.


success stories co-authoring

Delivered powerful collaboration experiences allowing up to 10 people to work on a document at the same time with chat, notifications, and real-time editing.