How Our Clinical and Regulatory Consulting Firm Started


Why did we get into the business of science and technology? Well, growing up my mother became disabled by a chronic health condition, and my father is also a service-disabled veteran. Seeing the challenges they faced in the health care system and the lack of available treatments for each of them at the time really gave me the passion and the focus to start this company with the hope of helping get therapies to patients who need them and improve their quality of life.

I also knew when I embarked on the journey of starting Synterex that I needed to create an inclusive company where people would feel welcome and thrive from all walks of life and circumstances.

We know that our clients share our passion for getting therapies to patients, and we want to help them get there efficiently and seamlessly. Our customers' wins are our wins.

Jeanette Towles, MA, RAC

Synterex, Inc.