Introducing VeriSync

Your co-authoring companion for Microsoft Word

When you're working on a shared Word document, mistakes or lost data between versions can have serious consequences. Now you can see at a glance whether your document is in sync with your collaborators' changes.

VeriSync is an add-on that monitors your shared document's sync status as you work, immediately warns you of any issues, and provides the options and information you need when there is a problem. VeriSync runs in the background as you work, and alerts you if there’s an issue.

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Example screenshot of VeriSync toolbar

How does it work?

  • Rides along with your existing Word software or subscription
  • Works with multiple accounts
  • Supports multiple SharePoint/OneDrive sites with a single Word session
  • Easy to install for your whole team
  • Won't slow anything down—no ads or bloatware

What does it do?

  • Simple, at-a-glance visual indicator
  • Monitors sync status of your document
  • Gives you options for decisionmaking when there's a conflict
  • Captures logs to help IT fix any sync issues
  • Lets you reset your Microsoft account
  • Lets you access files with one click

How can it help me?

  • Lets you constantly keep tabs on what's going on with your shared document
  • Helps you maintain transparency and accountability on your team
  • Means you can stop worrying about the technology—and get on with your work!

Developed by our sister company, Synergy, Inc.

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