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What services can Synterex provide for you? Whether you need us to drive the completion of a project or as contingent support to extend your own team, Synterex specializes in expediting the development of high-quality deliverables that satisfy the structure and rigor of the regulatory environment, to get important therapies to patients sooner.

We have a proven history of employing disruptive and novel strategies in the medical writing space for quicker approvals. We help our clients navigate any constraints and achieve their development goals through optimal planning and impeccable execution.

As a best-in-class firm, we drive operational excellence by executing at a high level of service on project management, client communications, and content. We address the client's pains, proactively turning them into gains, including:

  • Managing and communicating timelines, expectations, and changes
  • Always being responsive
  • Ensuring good documentation
  • Thinking strategically as part of the services
  • Planning for flexibility
  • Leveraging the right technology and innovating to support bold goals
  • Tailoring the project methodology (e.g., AGILE team, high-volume/best-cost model, FSP)

We take an Emotional Intelligence (EI)-based approach to relationship management. We connect with clients on a deeper level, ensuring effective communication, understanding needs, and delivering custom solutions.

We are thought leaders on the use of automation/logic-based programming and AI for patient data and patient-facing documents. Innovations include:

  • AgileWriter.ai, first-in-class AI tool for composing patient-facing documents
  • Quillyx eCTD templates
  • VeriSync co-authoring sync monitoring tool (Word add-in)

Synterex also is a well-established partner with VMWare and Microsoft technologies, which positions us to work closely with product management at 2 of the largest tech companies in the world to advocate for clients and deliver best-in-class user experiences.

We Go the Extra Mile

Synterex goes into any new relationship with the intent to go the extra mile to ensure the longevity of that partnership.

The majority of our team are folks who have been working efficiently together for years. We love to build long-term relationships with our customers.

We’ll take the time to listen, observe, and get to know your extended team and what is important to you, so we can integrate seamlessly.

In addition to helping identify and address any risks or gaps in processes, Synterex can provide the feel, voice, and structure of an internal medical writing department for you, or amplify the vision of your existing department.

Strategic Consulting and Per-Project (Time and Materials) Assignments

  • Synterex manages the deliverable components and timelines
  • Synterex project manager ensures the completion of and provides status updates on all components
  • Synterex seamlessly transitions components from step to step of the project plan (e.g., writing to QC, user acceptance testing, IT environment to production)
  • Can work in a standard waterfall or agile methodology to manage the project, and can guide strategy on best choice of method
  • Synterex tracks resource utilization and PO over time

High Volume/Best Cost (Unit-Based) Assignments

  • Synterex owns completion of each unit
  • Synterex project manager provides status updates of unit completion​
  • Cost certainty for budgeting in a high-volume setting​
  • Certainty of task completion
  • Efficiency with scale (due to process routinization and/or technology implementation)​
  • Emphasis is on cost per unit, number of units (high volume), and time to completion

Functional Service Provider (FSP) / Contingent Assignments

  • Synterex provides a resource that the client directs
  • Synterex project manager assists with onboarding and ensures completion of training
  • Synterex resource meets regularly with customer to ensure satisfaction and capture any scope changes or expansion
  • Synterex tracks resource utilization and PO over time