Our Values

At Synterex, our values are community, sustainability, and equity. We forge meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients and the community. Synterex is an AGILE company: Accessible, Growth-oriented, Innovative, Lean, and Expert.

Collage of photos showing our values. Includes images of people at conferences, a person being vaccinated by a doctor, and a Synterex Green Team logo with plants in the background.


We have a simple viewpoint when it comes to how we run our business:

Profit is not mutually exclusive with progress.

We hope you will join us in making outreach an integral part of your business operations.

Below is a list of helpful links. These organizations are doing good in the community and we are proud to work with them.


Synterex is a fully remote workplace. We are working to minimize our digital carbon footprint, too. By assessing employee energy usage, we can modify our digital habits. Our goal is to reduce energy-consuming data storage and processing.

Synterex has made a pledge to maximize its sustainability. In January 2022, a diverse group of Synterex employees representing all departments formed our Green Team.

This team meets biweekly to plan and implement new ways to make Synterex more sustainable, and to ensure we are making consistent progress toward our goals.

We are committed to documenting this journey with transparency. Synterex is proud to have achieved Gold certification level with Green Business Benchmark.


We strive to promote a culture of EDIB:

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

We believe that staffing in biotech and pharma should be representative of the patients who will receive the medicines we work on.

Here are some links we have found useful. Our values help guide the journey toward a more inclusive and equitable industry.