Clinical Science & Operations Services

Clinical science research scientist examines blood samples
Your team already has their hands full. Let us support them behind the scenes.

Synterex knows the complex and constantly changing world of clinical science and research. Our team is here for you, providing input throughout the lifecycle of your clinical trial, so your people and sites can be freed up to focus on doing what they do best.

What can we do for your clinical science team?

  • Generate clinical content for publications, data review/safety meetings, decision-making task forces, and Agency/IRB communications
  • Provide medical monitoring support, including review of protocol deviations, line listings and medical coding, generation of queries, and hosting of regular medical monitoring meetings
  • Develop solutions (eg, team site, trackers) to enhance medical monitoring efficiency and oversight of both patients and CRO activities
  • Serve as site and CRO point of contact for protocol-related questions
  • Develop clinical content, including CDPs, CRFs, ICFs, and study manuals
  • Perform safety reviews and case processing
  • Undertake medical coding and deviations reviews
  • Provide site communications support