Carrie Patrick: Employee Spotlight

Synterex’s Employee Spotlight series showcases all the talented and hardworking people on our team! We are kicking off the series with Carrie Patrick, one of our fantastic medical writing operations associates.

Where are you from?

New Zealand, now living in Colorado.

How long have you worked at Synterex?

I started in February 2022.

What is your favorite thing about the company?

I love that it’s fully remote with coworkers in many different time zones. And it’s a huge plus for me that Synterex is a disability-owned/friendly company.

How did you get into medical writing?

I am learning medical writing on the job. My previous experience was in magazine writing and editing, then technical writing. I wanted to transition into this field, and Synterex is a great place to learn from experts while assisting with their projects.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I can get hyperfocused on checking through lists of things to find and correct in a large document, and I enjoy taking something that isn’t harmonious in whatever way and making it better. For some people, I’m sure that would be the most infuriating day ever, but I love it. It’s actually relaxing for me, like raking sand into exactly the right shape in a Zen garden. And as someone with a history of chronic medical conditions, I love knowing my work directly benefits patients.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Over my lifetime, that would probably be the time I spent working in marine search and rescue. But nowadays, I think everyone who just gets up in the morning and keeps trying to fix the world – when a lot of the time it doesn’t feel fixable – needs to feel proud of that. If you can’t do a big thing, you can do a lot of small things.

What are some of the hobbies/interests you’re most passionate about?

Carrie Patrick
Carrie Patrick

I train in a medieval martial art called Armizare, which is a North Italian system written down in 1410 for the longsword, dagger, wrestling, spear, and other weapons. A lot of my spare time revolves around that. And that means I also spend a lot of time repairing or building various components of 15th-century style armor. I have a lot of weird hobbies, but that’s probably in the top 5 weirdest.

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