Discover the Meaning Behind “SYNTEREX” and Our Logo

Synterex is derived from the Greek word "synteresis," or, an aspect of one's conscience by which one can judge wrong from right and decide on what makes good conduct, tying into our guiding principle of protection of patient welfare and the ethical component to clinical research.

The Synterex logo is a quill serving as the rod in the rod of Asklepios, who was a mythical figure of healing and medicine. In the process of developing medicines for patients, we must: be curious, leverage that curiosity into innovation, and communicate that innovation in a way that is accessible.

We have a proven history of employing disruptive and novel strategies in the medical writing space to get to quicker approvals. We help our clients navigate any constraints and achieve their development goals through optimal planning and impeccable execution.

As a best-in-class firm, we drive operational excellence by executing at a high level of service on project management, client communications, and content. We address the client's pains, proactively turning them into gains, including:

Managing and communicating timelines and changes

Actively participating in reviews


Always being responsive and communicating expectations

Ensuring good documentation

Thinking strategically as part of the services

Planning for flexibility

Billing in an accurate and straightforward manner and passing the savings back to the client


Leveraging the right technology and innovating to support bold goals

We take an Emotional Intelligence (EI)-based approach to relationship management, and we go into any new relationship with the intent to go the extra mile to ensure the longevity of that partnership. The majority of our team are folks who have been working together for years, who work well and efficiently together, and who continue to do so because we WANT to.

In addition, our customers are very often people with whom we have built relationships over time in industry. We take the time to listen, observe, and get to know the extended team and what is important to them so we can integrate seamlessly. We help identify and address any risks or gaps in processes and can either provide the feel, voice, and structure of an internal medical writing department or amplify and execute on the vision of any existing department.