Clinical Trial Success Stories

COVID-19 therapeutic protocol


Took a typical 6- to 12-week protocol/ICF writing process and interwove our IT collaboration and clinical science capabilities to reduce the process to 3 weeks, including endpoint design, writing, and review

 IND filing


Provided in-house-style, full-service support, including medical writing and publishing, to file an IND for a NME within 8 weeks of the pre-IND meeting

NDA and sNDA


Enabled rapid submission of back-to-back pre-NDA and pre-sNDA in record speed for medium-sized pharma company, including on-site support during authoring

IT Success Stories

User PC Onboarding Optimization


Took a billion-dollar retailer from a 1-week PC deployment to a 90-minute deployment for new and replacement computers.

Virtual Desktops in the Cloud Empower Work from Home


Delivered a Virtual Desktop environment hosted in the cloud to empower remote working and power productivity during rapid response.



Delivered powerful collaboration experiences allowing up to 10 people to work on a document at the same time with chat, notifications, and real-time editing.